Rogala Lab opens at Stanford!

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Exciting times — our lab opens today at Stanford! We are located in the Stanford Cancer Institute‘s open-floor space on the 4th floor of the brand new Biomedical Innovations Building. We cannot wait to make this space our home. There is a lot of work ahead of us — to install all instruments needed for cell and protein chemistry work, and to get stocked with lab supplies. It will be a busy summer!

We could not have asked for better neighbors with whom we’ll be sharing this space: Nathanael Gray and Steven Corsello. Massive thank you to Steven Artandi, Raj Rohatgi and the phenomenal folks at the SCI for bringing this dream team together.

We are excited and humbled to be an integral part of two world-class basic-science departments in the Stanford University School of Medicine: Structural Biology and Chemical & Systems Biology. We only hope that one day we will become as good scientifically as our more senior colleagues!

Stay tuned for more updates!